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Night in Cleveland's Gardens


Year Composed





Violin and Cello

8 Minutes

Night in Cleveland's Gardens Suite

          I. Random Road

          II. Mayfield

          III. Night in Cleveland's Gardens


Night in Cleveland’s Gardens is the third and concluding piece to a suite that captures my nostalgia for an old home. It tells the story of two dear friends sitting in the quiet-dark of Cleveland’s gardens. At first, only the surrounding sounds of their environment can be heard: distant wind chimes, wind rustling the trees, a floating dock hitting a post – always in groups of two. The friends begin to reminisce on the formative moments of their relationship and the times they were happiest; however, there exists an underlying, unspoken longing to stay together and a fear of drifting apart. The next day they will each move to distant parts of the country — but for that moment, they have the gardens. Eventually the friends let their memories give way to the musing of Billie Holiday and leave the garden to its wind chimes, thumping dock, and rustling leaves.

*Mary Evans - violin,  Jake Saunders - cello

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