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Year Composed





Violin, Clarinet, Piano, and Cello

8 Minutes

*Mayfield has yet to receive a premiere. Please contact me if you're interested in a MIDI recording. 

Night in Cleveland's Gardens Suite

          I. Random Road

          II. Mayfield

          III. Night in Cleveland's Gardens


Mayfield is the second piece of a suite that captures my nostalgia for an old home. Each movement takes inspiration from a place of particular importance to me, this instance being the Mayfield Cemetery in Cleveland, a setting which inadvertently caused great difficulty in finishing the composition. When beginning to draft Mayfield, I intended to capture what the cemetery meant to me at the time, a morose setting where I observed nothing but life: people jogging, couples picnicking, or in my case, walking around the large circular path with those I loved. The piece then failed to come together.


The following year, I again revisited Mayfield. During this second attempt, a friend passed away, someone deeply connected to the particular time the work encapsulates. I remembered couples picnicking, but they faded to expose the harsh tombstones once covered. The silver polish of youthful nostalgia, the glean that initially drove the piece, was no longer sustainable. I now grasp to two Mayfields that I tried to reconcile. 


The end result tells the story of a man (who I hope turns out to be a protagonist) aimlessly walking around the circular path of the Mayfield Cemetery. Despite the bustling city surrounding him, he chooses to stay within the park walls, circling the path well past dusk.

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