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Introduction and Dance Macabre

wind band

duration: 7 minutes


Introduction and Dance Macabre is split into three distinct sections. The first, introduction, grows from a small seed into a grandiose presentation of the work's theme. The second, a calm interlude, begins to deconstruct the theme and leads directly into the final section, a dance, which warps the melody until the cataclysmic end. 


flute I-IV (second doubling piccolo)

oboe I, II

bassoon I, II

clarinet in Bb I-III

bass clarinet

alto saxophone I, II

tenor saxophone

baritone saxophone

trumpet in Bb I-III

horn in F I-IV

trombone I, II

bass trombone



double bass


percussion I:

     glock, snare, tam tam, bongos, tambourine

percussion II: 

     vibes, shaker, wood blocks, sus. and crash cymbals, xylophone,

     temple blocks, tambourine, brake drum

percussion III: 

     marimba, sus. and crash cymbals, claves, castanets, triangle

percussion IV: 

     crotales, bass drum, wood blocks, triangle, bongos.

Introduction and Dance Macabre - CU Boulder Wind Symphony
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