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A Recipe for Action

Created by Kristen Osborn, Collin Kemeny, & Andrea L. Hart


Year Composed


Interactive Theater


30 Minutes


A Recipe for Action: Courses Against Hunger in Austin is a live immersive performance that combines music, dance, and visual art to create a playful feast for its audience. 


The multidisciplinary art piece engages audience members in a conversation around the issue of food insecurity in Austin, exploring the question, "what would be possible if everyone in our community was fed?" The piece takes the audience on a journey where art is made and shared using the principles of abundance, generosity and community building. 


Admission to the event was a donate-what-you-can model, where attendees can choose to donate volunteer time, money, or goods to two partnering organizations, the UT Outpost and the UT Microfarm.  

The Experience:

This installation was a collaboration devised by a team of many artists, from varied disciplines, collaborating with a unified mission. The work combines composition, dance, visual design, dramaturgy, media design, new technology, curiosity and play to create a one of a kind theatrical "meal" in which the audience is invited to sit at the table with the artists in an immersive live performance. 

Funding & Awards:

A Recipe for Action has been generously funded by the Rainwater Innovation GrantUT's Fine Arts Diversity Student Project Grant, and other donors, with venue venue sponsorship from Vesper

Production Director, Co-Creator, and Producer: Kristen Osborn

Composer, Co-Creator, & Co-Producer: Collin Kemeny

Performance Director & Co-Creator: Andrea Hart

Production Designer: Michael Bruner

Design Consultant: Hsiao-wei Chen

Event Manager: Kat Clark

Cinematographer: Brooklyn Garza

UT Microfarm Liaison: Nikki Hammond

Media Consultant: Jamal Hussain

Musician: Thomas Kurtz

Dramaturg: Lee Kravchenko

UT Farm Stand Liaison: Alejandra Marquez

UT Outpost Liaison: Valeria Martin

Movement Director: Love Muwwakkil

Performer: Lexie Nelson

Musician: Caroline Richards

Musician: Mark Scott

Photographer: Logan Smith

Performer: Moria Joy Small

Performer: Ashleigh Love Taylor

Graphic Designer: Mattea Williams

Performer: Camille Wiltz

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